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Glenn Meade
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Resurrection Day - Glenn Meade

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Resurrection Day


In seven days Islamic terrorists will unleash an appalling new weapon on the Western World unless their demands are met. With millions of lives at stake, Washington and Moscow realise they have no choice but to join forces and put their two top investigators in charge of the manhunt.

As the President of the United States contemplates choosing between humiliating defeat and mass destruction, Jack Collins and Alexei Kursk find themselves pitted not only against a ruthless enemy, but also against each other.

And time is running out…


'What is exceptionally striking about Meade's scary storytelling is that the narrative and characterisation are beautifully written and crafted.'
– Glasgow Herald

‘A riveting story…incredibly well researched. I urge every American to read this book.’
– Newt Gingrich

Praise for Glenn Meade's other work:

"Meade's research is so extensive yet unobtrusive . . . that it is often easy to forget you're reading fiction and not history. This a completely riveting thriller in the tradition of the Day of the Jackal. A white knuckler!"
—The Washington Post

"Glenn Meade writes scenes as though they were shot from a gun, and the impact as you turn each page is often just as powerful."
—Florida Times